B&B Incanto Siciliano

B&B Incanto Siciliano

Bed & Breakfast in Noto in the city center
Free Wifi
Hair dryer
Charming property
Air Conditioning
Romantic Atmosphere

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Services of the house

  • Terrace

Location and surroundings

  • City centre
  • Near (within 10 mins) pubblic transports
  • Near (within 45 mins) train station / airport / port

Bathroom facilities

  • Monodose products

Room facilities

  • TV
  • Mirror or luggage case
  • Fridge

Holiday themes - house features

  • Charm
  • Family
  • Business
  • Romantic atmosphere

Our breakfast

Our rooms

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Maximum Guests: 2
Breakfast included
Ensuite bathroom

You will be hosted by Caterina

Area City Center

Train Stations

In The Surroundings

B&B Incanto Siciliano

Vico Sparviero, 9 - Noto (SR) - Directions

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