Casa Alberata

Casa Alberata

Holiday House in Milano 2 - Segrate in the city center
Free Wifi
Hair dryer
Charming property
Air Conditioning
Disabled Access
Bicycles available

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All features

Various information

  • Disabled Access
  • English speaker
  • French speaker
  • Spanish speaker

Services of the house

  • Terrace

Facilities and services

  • Laundry

Location and surroundings

  • Near (within 10 mins) pubblic transports
  • Near (within 45 mins) train station / airport / port

Bathroom facilities

  • Bath tub

Room facilities

  • Children bed
  • TV


  • Historic furniture
  • Sofa / armchairs

Holiday themes - house features

  • Charm
  • Family

You will be hosted by Giorgia

Area City Center

Casa Alberata

Milano2 - Residenza Alberata, 332 - Milano 2, Segrate (MI) - Directions

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